5 Winter Nail Colors

Looking for nail color inspiration to take your through the winter months? Here are 5 winter nail colors from Essie that I have been wearing on repeat.

In the last couple years, I’ve really gotten into nail colors. I don’t have my nails done at the salon often as I opt to just paint them at home. I picked up three of the colors I’m sharing today this year for the holiday and winter season and have been loving them! The other two colors I have had for while, but you can still purchase them.

I found these at Walgreens, so most drugstores should have them, but I’m linking them for you through Amazon.

Off the Record

I’m not usually one to wear red nail polish, but Off the Record is one I picked up this season because it was such a pretty shade. It is bold, but not so bright as more traditional red shades. Essie’s website describes it as a deep burgundy-red color with yellow undertones. A great color not only for holidays, but winter in general, and even into Valentine’s Day.

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Breaking the Bold

I am in LOVE with this color! I wore if for Christmas and will be wearing it again soon because I love it so much. To the naked eye, Breaking the Bold looks as if it a super deep burgundy with a shimmer, but Essie describes it as a “shimmering amethyst dark purple” which could be one reason I gravitated toward it as I love the color purple. This one is from their Expressie line so I like that it is quick drying.

Winter nail Colors - Essie - breaking the bold
Winter Nail Colors - Essie - Breaking the Bold

Lucite of Reality

Lucite of Reality is part of the Essie Winter 2021 collection and is a deep forest green with blue undertones. I wore this one earlier in the winter and got several compliments on it. It is beautiful!

Winter Nail Colors - Essie - Lucite of reality
Winter Nail Colors - Essie - Lucite of Reality

Smokin’ Hot

I’ve had this color a while and it is one that is a common go-to for me in the fall and winter months. Essie describes it as a “stone-cold fox gray” color and a hit with nail pros and beauty editors. Smokin’ Hot has 74 reviews and a 4.9/5 rating on their website and I can see why as it is a beautiful color! Personally, I see more deep purple undertones than gray, but either way, it definitely is one you’ll want to add to your rotation of winter nail colors.

Winter Nail Colors - Essie - Smokin' Hot
Winter Nail Colors - Essie - Smokin' Hot

Throw it on

This a lighter shade than you may see included in winter nail color lists, but I think it is still a great option for winter, especially the closer we get to spring. Throw it On is a soft lilac purple and a great transitional color which is why I’m including it in my list. Another one part of Essie’s Expressie line. I will say that I find the picture has the color looking a lighter in shade (probably because of the lighting used) than in person. I say it is a slight bit darker than the picture.

Winter Nail Colors - Essie - Throw it On

There you have my top 5 winter nail colors. I hope you enjoy and let me know below if you have any of these or pick one up!

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